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making mice. japanese researchers push the boundaries of reproductive technology to produce like in vitro. scientists are experimenting with life. researchers in japan have made a
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breakthrough in the field. they use multipurpose stem cell and then use mice. researchers take the cells of female mice to generate induce potent stem cells or ips cells. they apply protein to develop germ cells. the researchers transplanted the cells into ovaries. they generated in producing reproductive cells or ova. they place the fertilized egg in female mice. then the miece did what the tea hope for. they gave birth to normal offspring. >> research on chromosones will
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help achievement. >> this group generated last year in generating male sperm. he says they need to consider the ethics of creating life. pan's marite se-defense force has spotted a chinese naval fleet traveling in international waters. it's the first chinese fleet seen in the area since japan nationalized three of the islands last month. the japan's defense ministry announced that seven vessels navigated on thursday evening. they were heading toward the pacific when spotted. the chinese fleet made up of tw destroyers, a supply ship and two submarine rescue ships.
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the region is more than 200 kilometers east of the islands. three chinese naval vessels sailed through the area. the u.s. navy has deployed two nuclear power aircraft carriers in the western pacific. they are navigating within reach. t several warships including vessels equipped with the air defense system are running alongside them. a navy sports person says the fleet provides a compact force of the united states and its allies and partners. there's fresh tension between japan and south korea. th south lnche aprotest
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with japan claiming that a helicopter belonging to the self-defense force entered the air defense identification zone in the sea of japan. the issue centers around the takeshima islands. they are claimed by japan but controlled by south korea. the south korean defense ministry says a helicopter took off located 54 kilometers east of the islands on september 21st. the ministry said the helicopter entered the zone for five minutes. it said the craft left after it was warned by air force fighter jets. the ministry noted prior approval is required before entering the zone. it set us defensive measure against unidentified aircraft. japanese government officials said the helicopter was flying
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above open sea during regular training and didn't ente south korea's identification zone. taiwan's envoy from japan has returned to tokyo. the head of taiwan ease liaison office came back to japan. >> translator: there is no change in taiwan's claim of sovereignty over the islands. i want japan to understand taiwan's intent to promote peaceful dialogue and joint development. >> they want to quickly resume negotiations with japan on fishing rights around the islands. the talks have been suspended for more than three years. >> translator: fishery rights are an important issue that effects the livelihood of
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fishermen. i will negotiate with japan to decide the timing and agenda of fishery talks. >> he also expressed hopes to deepen ties with japan despite issues. people who live or work in one area of tokyo keep reading about the divisions between japan and china. ties between japanese and their chinese neighbors are closer than ever. >> reporter: one of the tokyo's busiest areas. they are been operating businesses here. at the moment they areore than 300 enterprises. you'll find japanese and chinese businesses right next door to each other and there is plenty of interchange among them.
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>> translator: i always greet chinese people i know. >> translator: japanese people are very kind. >> reporter: four years ago something happened that could have shatteredhis relation. she was key member of china town project. >> translator: we wanted to bring together and create a network of chinese people living and working in this area. we just wanted to create some sort of structure.
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>> reporter: the japanese merchant feared the area would be taken over. >> translator: we can't accept a decision to turn this neighborhood with its rich history with a china town. >> reporter: groups from outside the district jointed the mounting opposition. emotions ran high. riot police were called in. >> reporter: he felt there had to be a solution. he met with the chinese to discuss a future of the shopping area. as a result he said that both sides share the same goal. they wanted the area to prosper. they ended up agreeing it will be better if the chinese merchants joined the areas
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business association. >> translator: we were on the same page so if they became contributing members of our community they were more than welcome. >> translator: i think it's important to talk and work together to understand one another. >> reporter: the festival took place around the 40th anniversary of the ties between japan and china. many japanese and chinese joined in a traditional japanese celebration carrying a portable shrine. >> translator: this is amazing. >> translator: i don't think people can go on disliking people from other countries anymore. i think it's time for us to all come together as one.
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>> reporter: there's strained relations between japan and china but the ties between the two people remain close. the united nations says north korea's leadership has not appealed the party. in february this year north korea rejected his request for an inspection of the country. north korea's uncooperative attitude toward the u.n. remains unchanged. the report accuses the north of putting priority on the military. it says this policy harms many
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people who are starving. north korean detectors are detain inside china. the report urges neighbors countries not to send them back to north korea the human rights committee will begin discussing the report. iranians are suffering through reports of economic sanctions. there's more on the way. tell us what's the latest. >> people in iran are already going through a lot of hardships. the currency is plunging. western countries are about to put more country on the middle eastern country. member countries reached a preliminary deal. they are discussing extra sanctions against iran.
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the eu plans to adopt new sanctions on october 15th. iranian natural gas enters the eu region mostly from turkey. the volume is not large at the moment but future demand for natural gas is expected to grow. japan's new economic and fiscal policy leader will attend a policy meeting on friday. he's urged to take aggressive monetary easing measures to help the economy get out of inflation. it's rare for cabinet min ter to take part in a central pang policy meeting. he said on thursday he will urge the b.o.j. to achieve is 1% rise in consumer prices. this is a near term goal that
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the central bank has set already. they launched additional monetary easing measures at their meeting last month. japan's economic recovery is showing signs of slowing. the central bank's recent survey showed that confidence among major manufacturers had gotten worse. it's time to check on the markets . u.s. markets ended higher. to see how stocks are creating this friday, we go to ramin who is at the tokyo stock exchange. what can you tell us as the exchange opens? >> very good morning to you. a lot of optimism about the euro zone. we had weekly jobless claims numbers which showed rising only slightly. that was taken as a bit of a positive. let's have a look at how that is translating into the opening levels for this friday for the nikkei and the topix.
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both a trading high. the u.s. is going to release its main jobs numbers later today, friday. china markets have been mostly closed this week. they're going to reopen on monday which is a public holiday here in japan. we'll get the effect on tuesday here. with the euro gaining over the last couple of days, investors may be flocking to key exporters. we did see a bit of that yesterday playing into the market. we'll sfee thee in that continu
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today. les look at the currency levels. dollar/yen at 78.48. have a look at the euro/yen 102.19. 19 to 24. the euro maintaining strength. >> you talked about stocks and currency. let's talk about commodities. >> quite a move in oil. we saw the crude oil prices on thursday popping higher by about
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4%. that's concerns about turkish oil pipeline constructions as violence in syria pours over into turkey. a bit of concern there. back to you. thank you. that's all for now. here is a look at some key economic numbers in the asia pacific.
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japan's nuclear investigation authority is looking into investigating a fault in northern japan. any doubts about active faults near plants must be cleared up. he said the authority may order the operator to reinvestigate potentially active faults if necessary. he said regulators could decide to conduct an on site investigation at the oma plant. remarks came two days after construction resumed at the plant. the work was suspended in the
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wake of last year's nuclear disaster. managers at e lielectric development company says there's no faults. nuclear authorities planning on site investigations at nuclear facilities. the plant on the sea of japan coast was the first to resume operation after all reactors in the country were ten offline one by one. india is struggling with a severe shortage of electricity to power its economic growth. the country has opinion lobeen nuclear power for energy. >> reporter: it's one of biggest plaque outs the world has
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experienced. in july half of india was left w without power. hundreds of people faced destruction. the capital came to halt. india's government has opinion looking at nuclear power to solve its electricity problem. ambitious plants will have about 20 nuclear reactors built over the next decade. nuclear power related businesses from around the world took part in this exhibition last month. many international companies are showcasing their technology here. the south koreans have one of the biggest stalls. they have the contract to build
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nuclear reactors. this company uses that order to try and win new business. trns t trns. >> translator: the indian government knows weal that korean technology is economically and safe. we believe we can grab a good share of india's market. >> reporter: most countries have already made deals with india. the nuclear central is facing strong head winds. local people and police clash
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last month near a nuclear plant under construction. one person was killed during clashes. the government insists that nuclear power is necessary to fix india's shortage. >> for the new challenges coming in public acceptance. this is a major challenge. we are not been prepared for the challenge of this magnitude. >> reporter: economic growth in india has been sling. many foreign companies site unreliable electricity as one of the major problems of doing business in india.
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despite rising public opposition the government seems likely to stick firmly to its ambitious nuclear goals. a land slide in china has buried an elementary school killing 16 children. about 2,000 firefighters, police officers and local people are continuing rescue efforts. china state run television said the land slide occurred on thursday morning. 18 students and a former were buried alive. the city was struck by an earthquake last month that killed more than 80 people. the quake may have loosened the ground where the land slide occurred. china is currently in the middle of an eight day holiday period that began with national foundation day. the elementary school stayed open to make up for days missed after the quake. the international group of
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hackers has leaked some 120,000 bits of university it claims was stolen from universities. the hacker claims it broke into the systems at 100 major universities and posted personal information on a website. the data stolen from the university of tokyo may contain e-mail of staff members. they school admits it's found indications of outside intrusion sp into its system and says some e-mail arsddresses were leaked. it has been bringing some
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heavy rain down for the last several days as it's lingered here. it's looking like lit be heading into an easterly direction toward vietnam where it's expected to make landfall. it's moving very slowly at the moment. the winds are at 72 kilometers an hour. a lot of rain is going to be coming off the system. as it heads off east most of that heavy rain in the next 72 hours will be falling over water. ast closes into vietnam significant rain will start to spread out through eastern china. the second storm we were following this week was malixe. it's right here to the northeast of japan. things are looking more clearly. the only resulting influence that we'll see today is going to
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be some high waves. it's still a very powerful system and will be generating higher waves for the north eastern coast of japan. there's a low pressure system coming along the border with russia and china. temperatures are looking pretty seasonal. 23 degrees in beijing and seoul seeing 23. we'll go to the americas. showers in florida. nothing too severe here. we're seeing an early season winter storm. it's already brought significant snowfall to places like manitoba. it's going to weaken off as it heads east but still bringing widespread snow showers onto
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ontario. take a look at the temperatures. 8 degrees in denver. 12 in chicago. cooling down by about 10 degrees as we head into friday. new york city, 28. a warm day on friday. the cooler air is on i wants way. let's head now into europe. we're still seeing wet conditions. the czech republic you'll see strong gusts and heavy rain. you'll get another surge of warmth toward the southeast. 29 degrees in athens.
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16 in london. 21 in paris. i'll leave you now to your extended forecast.
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>> that concludes this edition of "newsline."
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